CNL Mission websiteConscious Nutrition and Living LLC was birthed in 2010 after more than a decade of studying and practicing holistic and integrative nutrition, spiritual practices for healing and world renowned protocols for total physical, emotional and soulful restoration.

Our intention is to be a conduit for consciousness so that you can live your dream life in your dream body. Conscious Nutrition and Living is predicated on three movements of action designed to unlock and repurpose your physical, mental and spiritual body: Experience, Growth and Contribution (and I don’t mean charitable giving).

As a professional actor (and former dancer) I understand the desire to look good. Living in a highly competitive environment starting at a very young age I was taught nourishment was about severe restrictions, self-control, will-power and discipline.

The stress and starvation driven by my career as a performing artist caused malnourishment, depression, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders and weight GAIN!

Through the simple principles of slow detoxification, nutrition, meditation and spiritual education & practices I overcame 30 years of daily acid reflux, digestive diseases, hypoglycemia, depression and 25 pounds of stored fat. The journey of my restoration led me to become a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Conscious Nutrition and Living LLC was born.

Frustrated with scale BUT HERE’S THE KICKER!

After my transformation, I noticed that my body was reverting back to its original weight independent of my on-going holistic and healthy lifestyle.  Although I was still doing all the right things, my body was putting back on the 25 pounds that I had so beautifully shed (even with increased exercise and attempts to eliminate certain food groups).  In fact, the more I ‘dieted’, the faster I gained.

Do you feel me?

After my hormone and thyroid tests came back normal, I made the decision to become an expert on what actually creates a fat cell (many times its NOT food), how and why we store fat (weight) and how to release it permanently.

My powerful and transformational weight release protocol Infinite Releasing was born in 2013 as the result of in depth study on how the mind and brain functions in relation to the emotional, physical and spiritual body.  It is the result of hundreds of medical and scientific advancements and texts from neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-endocinologists, cardiovascular experts, exercise scientists and spiritual healers from around the world.

Many of us have spent years searching for solutions to life’s greatest challenges including remedies for weight loss and dis-ease.  At Conscious Nutrition and Living I have developed a home for the absolute best methodologies for healing and restoration.

It is my prayer that Conscious Nutrition and Living assists you on your journey to physical, emotional and spiritual greatness on this earth. As a collective consciousness we are constantly evolving and building in order achieve the next level and I will continue to bring you the highest quality teachings and tools available.

You may not grasp all that I have shared yet, but I believe that you are here for a special reason. I invite you to take the first steps towards an epic life today because if not NOW…when?

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