Hi. I’m Chef Missy

I am a chef, nutritionist and food writer.

Since 2010 Conscious Nutrition and Living has embraced a mission to create conscious humans living epic lives. We accomplish our mission by developing brands, shows and products that educate and inspire.

Nutrition and Living says it all. Nutrition is not just about the food we prepare and eat. It’s about every thought and emotion we consume throughout our day. Living encompasses every area of our life…from our self-care, home living environment, travel and faith.

Conscious Nutritional and Living is so excited to announce it newest brand The Holistic Francophile for beginner chefs an interactive television show for people who love all things French.

I am simply a teacher, an encourager and a conduit for your transformation. It is my prayer our brands and programs assist you on your journey to physical, emotional and spiritual greatness. 

I believe that you have landed here for a special reason and I invite you to take the first steps towards an epic life today.

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Nourish From Within,

P.S.  There are quite a few links throughout this website. Some are educational links and some are affiliate links. If you chose to purchase anything through these affiliate links in my website, the price is the same for you and I receive a small commission that helps keep Conscious Nutrition and Living’s mission, teachings and solutions alive.


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